South Woodham Ferrers - the new town plan

Burnham Road Housing development

Pros and Cons of the new town plan

The footprint of the South Woodham Ferrers new town plan can be viewed online on the Chelmsford Council website on the Planning Department section.

A drop-in exhibition will be held in the Village Hall on the 14th of February from 4:00pm-8:00pm

The plan does not include any improvements to current infrastructure. The town council would receive a mere £2.2 million payable over 20 years which works out as £110,500 pa but would be worth far less in future years when taking inflation into account.

Reasons for opposition to the new housing include:

Lack of infrastructure

  • Roads are already congested at peak times
  • The train service is poor and overstretched yet a significant number of residents commute
  • Local GP services have been halved in recent years leading to long waiting times for appointments
  • Primary schools are already at maximum capacity
  • Flooding due to surface water run-off would increase is more of the hillside is under concrete
  • The new development would split the town in two, in effect creating a ‘middle’ Woodham Ferrers

The local South Woodham Action Group is against the proposals and is encouraging residents to make their views known by logging in on the web site or sending an email to  planning.policy@chelmsford.gov.uk

Pro the development

  • The 1,000 new homes would bring new blood into the area.
  • People hope that there will be some affordable housing.

The Housing Crisis

There is no doubt that we have a housing crisis and that there is a lack of housing to both buy and rent in the area.