The elderly in South Woodham Ferrers


lonely pensioner south woodham ferrersThe main problem with men and women who have been widowed and left on their own is loneliness. It’s having someone to talk to in the evenings, to discuss a news item or just have a conversation.  

Facebook can be a real friend for the elderly, to just have a conversation or to ask for help.  A small percentage of older people may be vulnerable and need to be looked after.  It is probably best that they are part of a larger group where the community is aware of what is being said and can keep an eye on things.   Technology is a challenge to some older people. It would be very helpful to have a list of volunteers who would be happy to train older people in how to use Facebook on a PC or smartphone.

Housebound people have even greater problems with loneliness in their own homes. The television or radio may be their best friend. Some churches try to organise visiting parties for their members but there is little for other people unless they have exceptionally good neighbours.

Other ways to help

Please smile and wish a pensioner a ‘Good Morning’ if you see them in the street.  You may be the only person who speaks to them that day.


Dealing with practical matters

Not all old people have family living nearby to support them, in many instances children have moved away for work.  They have difficulties in finding the right people to help with small tasks that younger people wouldn’t even think about: opening jars, moving slightly heavy objects or even picking objects off from a floor when creaky knees do not work very well.

Lack of transport

A lot of older people give up driving and that makes getting to doctors and hospital appointments challenging. The Community Hub can help with a car or taxi service at a reduced rate otherwise they have to rely on friends and neighbours.

How the lonely mobile elderly can help themselves

The best way for mobile pensioners not to feel lonely is to get involved in the community and to join clubs. There are plenty of clubs to choose from, especially within the U3A. Certain groups such as Young at Heart which meets for coffee every Saturday morning at the Railway Pub at 11am, would welcome extra members to participate.  Feeling needed and able to contribute improves self-esteem and wellbeing.

Other suggestions for meeting people

Start a new hobby group. Tell us about it and we will advertise it at no cost.


Crime affecting the elderly in South Woodham Ferrers and Essex




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