South Woodham Ferrers through the seasons

January in south woodham Ferrers


The town always looks attractive at any time year although it is at its best from spring until the autumn. Willow trees were planted around the edges of Burnham Road which have leaves with a silvery sheen that look absolutely fabulous in spring. Daffodils bloom on the grass verges in March. Resident's gardens have displays of colourful tulips, magnolias, camellias and other spring flowers.

Late spring can also be a time when nature invades gardens. The occasional baby rabbits may be spotted in the garden of a house on a housing estate. Foxes are regular visitors and a couple of times a year, someone discovers that they have bees swarming on their patch. Find out who to contact regarding bee swarms.

The Salthaven Community Orchard near the roundabout on Broughton Road is full of blossom in April.  Residents are welcome to help themselves to ripe apple, pear and plums in the autumn.

willow trees in Old Wickford RoadSpring is many people’s favourite season and it is easy to see why. Take walk towards the Shaw Farm, down Old Wickford Road and see the beautiful willow tree or the mature horse chestnuts in flower. Fenn Creek crosses under the road there and wild flowers galore grow on its banks.

Another good place for children to gather conkers in the autumn is at Marsh Farm car park.  In these days of well-stocked supermarkets, most people do not think of collecting blackberries or sloes and yet these grown in abundance on the fens and along strips of land left to nature.  Some of the largest blackberries flourish on the fen side of Saltcoats Park. Sloes come to fruit in late summer and autumn. Does anyone make sloe gin anymore?

The parks in South Woodham are usually well-maintained and some of the roundabouts are a joy to behold. Bedding plants usually brighten up the roundabouts and the town has a good display of hanging baskets every summer.

Hanging baskets in south woodham Ferrers

New visitors to the town are recommended to drive the ring road around South Woodham Ferrers, along the Burnham Road and into Ferrers Road. Many streets are green and leafy with attractive housing stock. Access to the River Crouch by car is via Marsh Farm Road off of Inchbonnie Road. A surprising percentage of people live in South Woodham Ferrers for months, even years, before they realise that there is a river and riverside walks.

swans on the River Crouch

Families tend to discover the river when they visit Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park with their young children. This used to be called a farm park before new management organised things their way, however, lots of visitors still come and enjoy days out.


Thoughts of summer


Thoughts turn to gardening as soon as sunny days appear in May and lots of people head for the garden centres on Old Wickford Road, just out of town. Hanging baskets used to be very popular a few years ago but they require a lot of watering in our dry county. Water meters may have contributed to their decline or perhaps residents just became tired of the upkeep.  One of the saddest developments over the years is the conversion of front gardens to car parking spaces. There are many beautiful gardens and also some where people are not quite as interested in gardening.

Summer is glorious in South Woodham Ferrers. Essex is the driest British county and we have more than our fair share of sunny days. The pub gardens are full to overflowing on really hot thirsty days and children play in the parks.

Railway Pub summer BBQ south woodham ferrers

The town always seems that little bit quieter in mid-summer; perhaps people are relaxing in their gardens and hot tubs, or simply away on holiday.  We are close to several airports which makes it fairly easy to take a break abroad.

Summer is always over far too soon and autumn encroaches, albeit slowly. Our climate is so mild that winter tends to be a bit limp and non-existent. We have few frosts and sadly, snow is rare.

Fireworks night always used to be celebrated in the town, in the Village Hall field or in the Marsh Farm Country Park. The Rotary did a very good job for a long time but felt that as so many members were older, they could not continue.  A suitable venue became a problem. There are still public displays in neighbouring towns and the Prince of Wales Pub always organise their own event.  

The golden days of autumn in South Woodham Ferrers

autumn Old Wickford Road South Woodham Ferrers

Autumn is a lovely time to be in South Woodham Ferrers. The changing colours of the leaves clothe the town in colour. Children love walking through the fallen leaves and there are plenty in streets such as Old Wickford Road where there are large mature trees that shed them.

Read about autumn in South Woodham Ferrers.


End of year festive celebrations

The approach to Christmas and lighting up the town with some festive cheer is always well received.  The switching on the lights is an enjoyable family afternoon organised by the community. Read more about the run up to Christmas in South Woodham Ferrers. Many residents decorate their homes in a variety of ways adding a riot of colour and light to those bleak winter evenings. Carol services and concerts in South Woodham Ferrers are held at various churches and venues.