Mr Gees request not to leave donations outside the charity shop in Warwick Parade

Mister Gees Foundation
I've just spent the best part of ten minutes wondering what happened to the post that was just added to my facebook page. Had I been this accomplished at everything I did life in a tent would be fine, let me try again.
Please, Please, Please don't leave donations outside the charity shop on Warwick Parade or in the clothes bank, as doing so means that somebody who is supposed to be in isolation has to visit the shop on a daily basis to remove the items from the pavement.
Bags left outside the shop leaves us with only two options, either a vulnerable person runs the risk of catching Covid-19 or a pedestrian visiting Spar stands a chance of tripping over and breaking a limb. Neither of which is a very good outcome.
The shop is likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future so may I ask for your co-operation regarding donations.
Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass on this plea to friends and neighbours.