Common causes of neighbour disputes in South Woodham Ferrers

Factors in South Woodham known to cause neighbour disputes

Because South Woodham Ferrers is made up of housing estates where people live in close proximity to neighbours, it is very easy to offend them and even inadvertently start a dispute.

1.    Parking

The lack of parking is an issue. Not every property has a driveway and although a fair number of residents have paved their front gardens to create off-road parking space, the lack of parking remains a problem, especially when families with grown-up children have 3 or 4 cars.

People have been known to leave messages on resident’s cars, both polite and very rude when the parking has annoyed them.

2.    Invasive plants

Although the dreaded Japanese knotweed has not been found in South Woodham Ferrers (to my knowledge), there are other plants that anger neighbours.

(a)    Leylandii trees that block out light along a border causing lawns to shrivel in the shadows.
(b)    Bamboo which spreads its tentacles far and wide to appear in neighbouring gardens.
(c)    Ivy that grows up walls and fences can have a damaging effect on the brickwork. Many of the properties in South Woodham are linked in some way and could have ivy growing over the back of their garage or exterior wall.

3.    Cats or barking dogs

People complain about barking dogs, especially if they are left home alone whilst neighbours are out at work. Fortunately, this situation is often resolved. The occasional complaint is posted on the town Facebook page.

Not much can be done about cats that wander, enter other people’s gardens, leave their mess there and kill the wildlife. Some will say that it’s a cat’s nature to kill but that does not appease the bird watchers.

4.    Noise

Noise, especially late in the evenings and at weekends can be a nuisance to others. This is a seasonal problem in that it happens mostly during the summer months when people like to hold a barbecue and invite their friends, or when a birthday party is celebrated in the garden with music. The solution is to invite your immediate neighbours as well, they may decline but may be less inclined to complain.

5.    Not picking up dog pooh

The majority of dog owners are very responsible and pick up their dog pooh. Most of us are aware of elderly people who allow the dog out alone because they cannot cope. There is the occasional accidental misdemeanour but also the occasional deliberate pet encouragement to spoil a neighbour’s garden out of spite. Considering the large number of dog owners in South Woodham, these incidents are rare.


General solutions to neighbour disputes in South Woodham Ferrers

The solution is all cases is to talk to neighbours, person to person and find a compromise. So many people refuse to talk to one another, they may leave silly notes or post their arguments on Facebook to get the town involved, but do not communicate directly, which turns minor disputes into full-scale neighbour wars. A solution can be reached with reasonable people who give and take but unfortunately, there are always a number of selfish, rude, stupid and slightly batty individuals that it is impossible to reason with.

If you are hoping to move to South Woodham, always talk to the neighbours first and get an idea of who you will be living beside.